• Join ##math for all aspects of mathematics (all areas and levels are catered for). Occasional seminars are given in #mathematics (these will be advertised in the topic of #math; volunteers to give such a talk are welcome!). #not-math is for anything that would be off-topic in #math.
  • Questions about math software (computer algebra systems and numeric computation systems) belong in #math-software or their respective official channel.
  • We have a FAQ.
  • Everything not about mathematics (including jokes, even ones about mathematics) should be taken to #not-math (or some more appropriate channel: this includes questions about CASes, such as Maple, Mathematica, Maxima, and so on [#math-software], or how to write some algorithm in C [##c]).
  • Questions (at any level) are very welcome, but no-one will give you answers to your homework. If you say vague things like "can someone help me?" or "does anyone know about calculus?" or "are there any experts on stable homotopy theory here?" you are unlikely to get a sensible response.
  • There are other channels for related areas on freenode: ##cs, #gnuplot, ##physics, ##philosophy, #octave, ##math-software, ##statistics, etc. You may get better answers in one of those than in #math.
  • Generally speaking, you should reduce your question to one or two sentences that clearly describe what you don't understand---we won't do your homework for you, but can help you with general concepts. Note that posting a link to a pastebin is probably not the best way unless you really need a picture. Use MathBin to paste LaTeX if necessary.
  • #math no longer has math bots, use Wolfram|Alpha if you need to.
  • Most importantly, don't be annoying, but see the Guidelines.
  • The Freenode IRC network does things slightly differently from others, read [1] for more information or ask irc-type questions in #freenode.
  • We have a Book List

Using the wiki[edit | edit source]

For sensible edits to pages, see [2]

For mathematics, use <math> tags, and LaTeX notation.

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